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Want to be a mom who doesn't spend all day cleaning up?

Toy Taming Taskforce is a system that works for anyone, in any toy overwhelm situation. From those who have never decluttered, those that are dipping their toe into “minimizing, to those who just want a better system to the decluttering they already do.

What's Included?

  • Attacking Objections Course

    The Attacking Objections Course to Effectively Overcome Objections from people in your life who might not understand what you are trying to go

  • Engaging with your Target Course

    Engaging with your Target Course gives a conversation started for including your children in the process OR ideas on how to keep the younger kiddos occupied.

  • Operation Toy Purge Course

    Operation Toy Purge Course takes the guesswork out of controlling your toy situation extremely quick without even having to think about it

  • Campaign Progress Tracker

    The Campaign Progress Tracker is a visual guide keep yourself on track

  • Locked and Loaded Guide

    When you are feeling overwhelmed with the process the Locked and Loaded Guide will help you reign it in and get back on track

  • Bonus Storage Solution's guide

    Bonus Storage Solution's guide to walking you through finding the Perfect storage solutions work for you in your space. A sneak peek at what Toy Taming Taskforce actually looks like in reality.

Toy Taming Taskforce is for Overwhelmed Mamas

Mamas who wake up tired every day and go to bed exhausted every night. Mamas who are so overall the mess that's created in their homes day after day. Mamas who have a burning desire to actually have more time to enjoy their lives and their kids.  But you can have that time, you can have that internal peace, and you can actually enjoy this brief period of childhood before it's gone.

Toy Taming Taskforce is for Clutter Bug Mamas

Mamas who just seem to accumulate stuff. You honestly aren't even sure where these toys come from or how they ended up here. You can't remember a time when your house wasn't out of control but you would desperately love to have room to move and never step on a lego at midnight again! But you can get the accumulation under control. The Toy Taming Taskforce actually helps you reverse the process and gets all the toys back out - and fast!

Toy Taming Taskforce is for Sentimental Hoarding Mamas

Mamas who just can't seem to let things go. You keep everything your child has ever used and even the things they didn't use. You can't bear the thought of getting rid of these tiny pieces of their childhood. But you can let it go. Attacking Objections helps you create new mindsets and attitudes towards “things”. You can learn to let these items go and not feel like you are ripping your heart out.

What You'll Learn

  • How to talk to your kids and get them involved in the process

  • Resources for keeping children under 2 occupied while you work

  • How to talk to the naysayers and gift-givers

  • Talking points and FACTS you can provide to anyone who wants to question your decision

  • How to keep yourself motivated and encouraged

  • You'll use supply lists, step-by-step instructions, and the exact toys you should be tossing and keeping

  • How to use existing storage solutions or find new ones to accommodate your newfound freedom

What You Will Be Able To Achieve

  • Decreased clutter and increased space

  • Less time spent cleaning and picking up for you and your kids

  • No more (or at least much less) of the “pick up your toys” arguments

  • No more research around what you can buy next to keep your child happy (I'll let you in on a secret, it's not MORE toys)

  • Longer attention spans and more engaging play

  • Increased ability to play alone and play better with others

  • More creative and imaginative play

  • No more lost Saturdays picking up and cleaning when you should be enjoying your time together

  • A healthier financial situation for your family

  • Maybe even a few extra bucks if you are able to sell some of the items you are purging

Ready to get back to basics, get your home under control and finally have a place where everyone is happy, healthy and comfortable?

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  • Will I be able to do this with my kids at home?

    Absolutely! I actually recommend you have your kids be a part of the process, now you don't have to of course, but it would be a great opportunity to teach them a lot of valuable life lessons (I actually detail what these lessons are in Operation Toy Purge)

  • But a lot of my toys are sentimental, will Toy Taming Taskforce still work for me?

    Of course! We handhold you through the whole process and help you work through the emotional issues that will inevitably come up and also provide various solutions to tackle this emotionally driven problem.

  • I am just really worried about hurting the feelings of people who have given us these toys as gifts.

    Yet another emotional topic but we cover all the ways to tackle this in the Attacking Objections Course

  • I've got a LOT of stuff, what will I do with it all?

    Don't worry, this system is made to be as easy as possible! Once the process is through you will know exactly what to do with every purged item.

  • I know it will all pile up again so what's the point?

    Girl! I am changing your home and your mind with Toy Taming Taskforce. The information and systems provided in this course will keep you motivated and empowered to keep your house clutter-free for, well, forever

  • Will this be hard for my kids?

    Maybe. I mean honestly, they might get upset. However, I think it's important to remember that you are teaching valuable skills and ideas to your children that they will be able to take forward into their lives. Do you want your kids to carry baggage over the emphasis you have placed on “stuff”? Or would you rather they grow up with a healthy appreciation of the value of money, the idea of home being a safe, comfortable place to relax in, & not be bogged down and overwhelmed with clutter?

Wait! This is a lot of stuff for $7! What's the catch?

Yes! Toy Taming Taskforce is 12 times as much as the price you are getting today! However my goal is to help you today, not tomorrow! The price is a no-brainer when you look at the incredible impact having fewer toys in your home will have on your life.

Here's how this works

  • Grab your digital copy of Toy Taming Taskforce

    First, create a course account. Next, complete your payment Then, You have INSTANT access to your course!

  • Follow the framework to get those toys out of your house in 2 days or less

    Then sit back and enjoy your newfound freedom!

  • Remember This is a DIGITAL Course

    We are trying to get things OUT of your home not bring things in! Toy Taking Taskforce is a DIGITAL collection of courses, guides, and checklists that you get immediate access to. Absolutely no reason to keep you from getting started today! Remember, we want a quick solution NOW, not next week, next month, or (gasp) never. You get digital access immediately after purchase. This isn't about getting your whole life decluttered or solving every overwhelming space in your home. Nah, we can deal with that later. This is about getting a quick win in one of the most used, most cluttered room or rooms in your house.

Let's Do This!

Get your home, your sanity, your time and your family back - You deserve it, your kids deserve it!